Ministries & Organizations

Altar Guild Ministry
This ministry works in conjunction with the pastor to furnish flowers and decorations to beautify the altar and sanctuary during the year.

Media Arts Ministry
This ministry attends all services to record the service and ensure the sound system is on and available and keep a catalogue of sermons and services for distributing to our sick and shut-in.  The ministry also makes the copies of the services available to worshippers for a nominal fee.

Music & Arts Ministry
The MOBC Music and Arts Ministry, is comprised of dedicated and anointed choir members, skilled musicians and gifted actors and dancers.  At Mount Olive we present a holistic approach to the ministry of music from praise and worship songs, anthems, and hymns to gospel music.

Christian Education Ministry
The Christian Education Ministry is responsible for the development, organization, supervision, and implementation of a consistent and balanced Christian Education program for our Sunday School attendees.  This ministry also administers the curriculum for our Christian Institute classes held in the spring and fall of the year.

Deacon Board
The deacon board is a group men ordained by the Mount Olive Baptist Church family to assist the Pastor in the ongoing ministry of the Church. As such, they manage the Benevolence Fund. These funds are used to help those in need in our church and in the Hackensack Community.

Deaconess Board
The deaconess board is a group of women elected by the Mount Olive Baptist Church family to serve as examples to the women of the Church. This group of women prepares Communion for the first Sunday and helps all females to prepare for Baptism. In addition to the above, these ladies work on assigned projects for the Church Family.

Drama Ministry
This ministry is a Christian movement that presents the gospel of Jesus Christ through laughter, imagination, and performance art.  This group performs in plays and skits throughout the year.

Education & Scholarship Committee
Our church emphasizes that education is a vital ingredient in every Christian’s life by tithing to support our scholarship fund, which is used for Mount Olive high school students entering college on an undergraduate level and/or trade school.  The Mount Olive Baptist Church Adult Book Scholarship Award is provided to offset the price of textbooks for active members who are enrolled in adult education courses (undergraduate, seminary, or vocational).

Host/Hostess Ministry
This committee is responsible for welcoming all visitors on behalf of the entire church and its administration.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
This ministry is a group of believers gathered in prayer for others behalf of others.   This intercessory prayer group meets every week on Thursday at 6am and on Saturday at 7am.

Usher Board
Our usher board is a group that represents all age groups of our church members, consisting of the Senior Ushers and Junior Usher board.  This group greets and seats all visitors and members during service.

Men's Ministry
An auxiliary focused on bringing all the men of the Church together in an effort to increase their faith in God.  This group meets every 2nd and 4th Friday at 7pm for fellowship and Bible Study.  Their yearly Prayer Breakfast is held the third Saturday in October before their annual day.

Trustee Board
This board is a group of members selected by the church family to assist the Pastor in overseeing the material holdings of the church. As such, they manage the General, Building and Earmark Funds. These funds are used in the ongoing ministry of Mount Olive. In addition to managing these funds the Trustees are responsible for maintaining all financial records and physical property of the church.

Women's Ministry
The MOBC women’s ministry endeavors to strengthen their faith in Christ, so that they can become stronger agencies of change for the church, the kingdom of God, and one another.  They create spiritual sisterhood among the women of Mount Olive and are inclusive of women in other churches and the community.

Nurses Ministry
This ministry assists the Pastor on Sundays and whenever he preaches in the community. They also assist members by operating Blood Pressure Clinics and Blood Drives. They are also ready and trained to assist in case of an emergency.

Pastor's-Aide Ministry
The Pastor’s Aide Ministry aids and supports the ministry of Mount Olive by caring for the pastor and his family.  This ministry also helps lead the congregation in understanding the importance of caring for the pastor.

Young Adult Ministry
The Young Adult Ministry at Mount Olive Baptist Church is empowered to nurture the spiritual formation of persons between the ages of 18 to 35 through regular study, fellowship, worship, and service opportunities.  As an active presence outside of the church, we seek to help our members to engage others in the knowledge of our Creator, Savior, and Sustainer - God.  We are a caring and conscious Christian community inside and outside our walls; working to rebuild, revive, and reclaim space for God to help improve the lives of God’s people in the world.