Music Ministries

Inspirational Choir
Age Range - 30yrs+  
Description:  This group will minister songs of inspiration and adoration from the depth of the soul.  Experience is an excellent teacher and the Inspirational Choir will minister in song through the experience of life’s trials and victories.  The main focus of this choir is traditional and contemporary gospel music ranging from the 1980s to the present. 

Young Adult Choir
Age Range- 18 to 35yrs 
Description:  The Young Adult Choir is designed for young Christians hungry after the heart of God. This group’s focus is mainly on Nu gospel. The music of right now that is capturing the hearts of young people across the nation. Christ has work for us to do even now.  Other styles may be explored.

Youth Choir
Age Range- up to 17yrs 
Description: The Youth Choir is designed for young people who desire to learn about and explore the awesome power of Christ through the ministry of song.  The musical focus of this group revolves around age appropriate Christ centered music. Some music considered young adult may be prepared for the 13-17 age range to be performed separately during worship.

Specialty Choirs

Sanctuary Choir
Description: This is the Powerhouse choir! It can and will perform any style of Christ centered music with excellence. Its members are the combined efforts of all choirs of Mt. Olive.  This choir ministers for special services, outings with the Pastor etc….  If you are a part of any choir, your presence is requested at all of these rehearsals.  

Men of Praise
Description:  Men of all ages who wish to lend their voices in worship and praise to the King of kings sing with this group.  Music styles will vary.

Women of Worship

Women of Worship is a Sisterhood of spirit-filled women exalting God. We are united with the commission to worship, praise and minister to God and God's people through song. We lift up our hearts unto the Lord in adoration to glorify Him for being God. We acknowledge God as our Creator and we, the created, pay homage and reverence to Him. Our rehearsals are uplifting, exhilarating and inspirational. All women are encouraged to be a part of this "WOW" experience.

For more information about any choir that is listed above please contact church office.