Thank you for visiting the Mount Olive Baptist Church website.  Since its founding in 1889, Mount Olive Baptist Church has attempted to be at the cross roads of life in Bergen County. Back then, we were exclusively an African American congregation. Today, although we are still largely African American, we now see ourselves as a congregation open to all people.  We are a people determined to be partners with God as he restores his broken creation.

We believe that all people have a unique history of brokenness.  It is our goal to provide a worship service that is meaningful and transformative.  We seek to blend traditional worship with contemporary worship in such a way that we expose our members to the best of our heritage as African American as well as the Christian protestant heritage.

We are determined to find a balance that feels comfortable to old and young, and people seeking a transformational relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.  We are extremely proud of the fact that we continue to be open to God as we seek his will for our lives in worship and service to the world.

It is our hope that you will visit us, and that you will find a place in Mount Olive Baptist Church where you can develop as a person through passionate worship, intentional faith development, missions and service, and through the opportunity to be generous to the world.

I welcome you to an opportunity to change your life.

Rev. Dr. John O. Page

Senior Pastor